Thursday, July 28, 2011

Easy Diabetic Cooking Recipes for Enjoyable and Healthy Meals

It is true that diet is a crucial part of diabetes management but maintaining a proper diet should not be treated as problematic or troublesome. Instead, look at healthy eating as one of the best solutions to fight diabetes.

Plenty of different resources from books to websites carry easy diabetic cooking recipes that will help you prepare flavorful meals while making sure you meet your diabetic diet menu requirements. From appetizers to dessert, the key is to focus on making healthy food choices. Here are some examples of easy diabetic cooking recipes:

Eggplant and Cheese Casserole

For this recipe, you will need ¾ pounds of ground beef (extra-lean), ¼ teaspoons each of rosemary, oregano, basil and pepper, ½ teaspoon of salt, 1 eggplant (sliced ¼ inch thick), 1 thinly sliced small onion, 5 sliced fresh mushrooms, 8 oz container of cottage cheese, 2 eggs, and ¼ pound of grated Monterey jack cheese (reduced-fat).

To start, preheat your oven to 400°. Brown the beef until it is crumbly then drain off the fat. Add the spices and salt to the beef and set aside. Spray a casserole dish using cooking spray. Quarter the eggplant slices and places them on the casserole dish, topping them with beef mixture. Arrange a layer of onions and then a layer of mushrooms on top of the beef. Beat the eggs and cottage cheese together and spoon this mixture over the casserole. Finish by sprinkling with grated cheese. Lastly, bake the casserole uncovered for 1 hour. This is recipe makes 4 to 5 servings.

If you are looking for easy diabetic cooking recipes for meat dishes, try this easy Lemon Chicken Recipe:

You will need 4 chicken breast halves (skinless and boneless). Cut them into pieces, about 2 inches. Juice half a lime and 1 lemon. Place the chicken in a skillet over medium fire. Pour the lemon and lime juices. Stir in 8 tablespoons of Dijon mustard, a dash of freshly ground pepper and some Creole-style seasoning. Let the chicken cook, turning occasionally. The chicken should be done in 15 minutes. This recipe is good for 4 people.

The goal of easy diabetic cooking recipes is to ensure that you control blood glucose levels while providing you with adequate nutrients as well as an enjoyable meal. To plan the best diabetic diet menu for you or a loved one, consult a registered dietitian. Ask your healthcare provider for a recommendation. A dietitian will assess your present diet and your eating habits. From there, he or she will give you advice on diabetic cooking and where you can find more easy diabetic cooking recipes.